Does Society Need Religion?


According to the Random House Dictionary, society is a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members. Therefore society requires organization and what better means to establish society other than through religion? Is it necessary? Should society depend on a higher power and its representatives to establish itself? If so, which religion serves the greater good for all humanity?

Let’s S.I.P, no stir!


8 thoughts on “Does Society Need Religion?”

  1. Yes I believe religion or a higher power plays a big part in society today because without something to Believe In people would just go crazy I’m going to use this as an example now the situation that has been going on in the news with the white officers shooting are African Americans Latinos people of color that really puts a test on a lot of things and black people African American people have a lot of religion because they hold it to their heart we are very proud people like if we didn’t have nothing to believe in right now it will probably be a vicious war in the streets because of this situation they have going on but us as a people use the word to hinder us from going to the next level don’t get me wrong some people do take it to the next level but for the majority that higher power that belief put a lot of boundary on how far we will go that’s just like if you tell a child that stealing is wrong how do you know stealing is wrong from someone preaching this to their child and so on and what did they get it from the good book some kind of spiritual guidance some guidelines to help them in their path and their walk in life so to that question yes I do believe that a higher power plays a big role in and everyday life and society today

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  2. Do society need religion…..yes but do most of us want it… Religion is the greatest of all means for the establishment of order in the world and for the peaceful contentment of all that dwell therein. In todays society people have forgotten how religion played a vital role in their upbringing and should play a bigger role of how they go about their daily lives. Without practicing religion in our everyday lives and community, we are walking in total darkness. We are been spoon fed by the evil that lie right beneath our very feet to also go along with the government pushing their propaganda upon us. Sad part is that we know what is really happening but we chose a blind shoulder and by doing that you are also disregarding yourself. We as a whole need to say enough is enough. “Let’s make America great again-Donald Trump”, well I say no and let’s make America righteous .
    We] have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.” — John Adams

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    1. Religion can be a very touchy subject for most. Some people don’t do organized religions because after growing up in the church, you see that these “preachers” are making more money and living in lavish houses, but constantly preaching ” the word”. I feel its your right to believe what you want and if you choose not to you shouldn’t be judged for it. One thing I can’t stand is someone who claims to be holier than thou, but cuss like a sailed and Twerking at the club in revealing clothes every weekend at the club, but wanna have the holy ghost and speaking in tongues on Sunday!! But again, that’s them! For me, personally, my faith has been strained due to a recent loss, so this is not really the topic for me. I always believed in a higher power because we as a society, especially in the African American culture, is highly favors all kinds of organized religion . Whether it be Methodist, Baptist, Jehovah witness or even Holiness Churches. Its been beat in our heads since birth, so we really never even had a choice to say if we really believe in god or not. Its only when we’re adults and have seen and experienced certain things in life that steers you in the direction your heart and soul takes you when it comes to your beliefs. So if you wanna believe in any kind of god, Buddha, or nothing at all, that’s YOUR choice!

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  3. Advocates on both sides of this argument often make valid points by my reckoning, while at the same time I perceive holes and/or inconsistencies in both sides. Of course, the better educated the advocate on either side, the more coherent and solid the position. That is to say, the more seriously they should be taken. It is most unhelpful to have boondocks-raised southerners who hardly know their alphabet trying to pitch their religion, and just so with self-proclaimed Atheists who are similarly ignorant of significant historical, cultural and economic facts, not to mention the highly abundant literature that strongly suggests that there ARE phenomenon extant in the world and features of human consciousness which give much credence to certain religious notions. Certainly not all, particularly much of the punctilio. But some.

    After listening to numerous and lengthy debates between religious and non-religious individuals who do in fact boast broad and deep education, I have come to agree with one particular author who suggested that one of the biggest problems here is the definition of terms. Namely, the term “religion”. In the author’s own words:

    “Religion is a word a lot like ‘sports’. You have a sport like boxing or UFC, where people nearly get their heads caved in, but then you have a sport like badminton or surfing. What do these ‘sports’ have in common aside from breathing? Not very much. So we need more cogent language other than just saying ‘religion’. It’s too broad a term, and only confuses people.”

    Similarly, using my own analogy, “science” is also a very broad term. You have the science of archaeology, and then the science of chemistry. Is anyone of those sciences more or less legit than the other? Or do we also recognize that it could be said that all sciences really encompass all others? Chemistry, for instance, encompasses mathematics. Mathematics is integral to physics and cosmology. And so on. As the Buddha is reputed to have said, “Everything is everything else. The leaf contains the sun, the sky, and the sea.”

    Until steps such as these are taken, until some sort of holistic perspective is adopted and our words clearly defined, I find it a more or less hopeless endeavor to even begin definitively asserting or actively poo-pooing religion as a necessary societal feature.

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  4. I think religion is needed for certain people that lack compassion and empathy. Me personally, I feel like what the Bible or any religious text tells you, without the stories, should be automatically felt by natural consciousness.

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  5. I feel that religion is definitely needed in society for a lot of us it was through religion that taught a great deal about doing right and wrong. For me and my world religion is what has kept me grounded through the years. I am one who feels that we as a society started messing up when we started taking religion out of a lot of things that are crucial and important such as schools. Our world was founded on religious principals that was one of the main reasons for this country being founded in the first place. Just my opinion though


  6. Religion is only used as a set of laws for our people to abide by. Whether what we believe in is true or false, the government has no problem with religion because there was once a time when it didn’t harm anyone. I believe that society does not need religion in order to keep peace. We have to mature ourselves and know right from wrong regardless of what a bible tells us. If we did not have religion from the start, does that mean our world must live in chaos? We have religion with us today and people still act like they have no sense. Our world has gotten so ballistic that people use religion as a mask to hide who they really are and what they purpose is on earth.

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  7. Religion does not establish morality however community does. Due to a sense of community, one would not slap their neighbor in the face unless they enjoyed inflicting pain upon their another and in this case we should take a moment to analyze how and why would this type of behavior would be acceptable. Anger, like any other emotion, has varying ways of manifesting itself and depending upon the very nature in which it exists determines how an individual may or may not respond. If an outsider witnesses this particular incident and immediately comes to the aid of whom they consider the “victim”, apparently morality is established based upon a sense of community not religion. Assuming the witness does not know the “victim’s” religious background, we can conclude on a whole that religion does not establish morality. An individual either feels or believes an action to be right or wrong based upon their particular sense (need) of community.

    In more cases than not, religions are created in order to create a greater sense of community for certain particular ideological communities as a means to connecting to a higher power. In being connected to a higher power, communities feel more protected, continual, secure, and self aware all of which should be furnished within a society. As an individual becomes more spiritually, intellectually, and physically conscious, they begin to be made whole. Although religion may have been the guide to their greater awareness, it is not what maintains it because community establishes morality, morality establishes religion, religion establishes spirituality and each day brings about a change in them all. As the universe evolves, so do we.


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