S.I.P Introduction

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome Everyone to the S.I.P Blog Community. We are so excited to have this wonderful opportunity to have you as a visitor. We are currently in the process of establishing our forum and plan to conduct weekly submissions via discussions blogs, webinars, and other outreach activities. Stay tuned my friends but most importantly, stay thirsty!

2 thoughts on “S.I.P Introduction”

  1. I believe philosophy is necessary if valid, if guided by factual evidence. Philosophy is necessary if it is making a change. What good are words that don’t mean any actions. Today we face many threats upon the human race such as racism and the differences between poverty and the “rich”. For example, if a philosopher announce to the public that the rich are not rich in mind because they refuse to help the poor, that philosopher is just as bad as the rich because those words he/she spoke will remain words until those words turn into a demand which will result in our human race no longer in sufferage. Therefore I repeat, philosophy is always necessary if actions are following behind those words.

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