Propaganda: An Image of 1,000 Words

How has media used propaganda to influence American society?

Who does it target and how effective is this strategy?

How  powerful is it and why is it so important that Americans be able to identify it?



Let’s S.I.P, no stir!


4 thoughts on “Propaganda: An Image of 1,000 Words”

  1. The media has used propaganda to influence American culture by giving the people (us) false hope. Not only are they are giving us false hope but some of us are falling for it. Facebook, news, and other social media sites are the roots of evil where propaganda grows best. The public (We) have forgotten how to think for ourselves. What does this mean? It means someone else has you on a string treating you like a puppet telling you what to do and how to do it. We are destroying each other because of what we see in the media.
    Propaganda, like social media sites, has a specific type of people it targets. Its targets weak minded people who don’t care about what’s going on in our society and the and the young. Weak minded people cannot think for themselves. People who don’t care about what’s going on in our society will only bring about more destruction. As far as targeting young people, the media uses it as a way to brain wash them so they can be their unspoken voice.
    Powerful doesn’t even describe the method to the madness of what we are experiencing and will continue to. We only see the negative about what’s going on so we respond with anger but media seems to rarely show the positives. Collectively speaking, we all should come together and stop using negative media to manipulate us and destroy us.

    Let’s be wise people……sip knowledge

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  2. Propaganda anti influencing of misrepresentation of certain things like for example Donald Trump look it was huge all his propaganda he capitalizes on certain issues that goes wrong in American society today and most people are buying into it and that’s a shame when you can really tell what his real motive is this ain’t nothin new that politicians use things that’s going on in the world today to boost themselves to new heights like that but it comes a time when you have to sit back and you have to learn things for you .Take yourself out of the propaganda and open the book get the facts for yourself don’t let outside issues influence you things that you really have not really been educated on that’s one thing this world fails to understand without knowledge you will not go anywhere without knowledge somebody can feed you anything just like the social media site all kinds of things but if you start educating yourself on a higher plane you don’t look at certain sites certain people that speak to you and  certain things that influence you. You will look the other way it will not even come inside of your element your bubble your essence your presence I look at mother this is a turning point and society today get yourself into some knowledge real true knowledge  spiritual knowledge you can do it if you have the mentality and the drive and dedication to elevate yourself to the higher plane a higher Peak the essence of the spiritual human being , S.i.P knowledge is power .. UNIFY.

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  3. Propaganda is the art of marketing and advertising an organization or individual’s thoughts, ideas, views, or doctrine in order to gain a majority stance (position) for dominating any and all forms of opposition and/or competition. Yes, there are other definitions available for the term however, we felt it necessary to be less evasive and more descriptive for all intents and purposes. Most only refer to propaganda as deceptive, selfish, subversive, or biased however, this is not true (refer to above definition). Propaganda may also be honest or creditworthy to say the least because although it consists of marketing and advertising, it does not necessarily promote falsehood or discriminatory notions. It can be portrayed in various mediums such as products, photos, art, or services.
    The key to distinguishing the difference between the “good” and “bad” propaganda requires us to examine its target audience and how the audience intends to use to use this powerful marketing and advertisement tool.
    First, we must make ourselves familiar with the different forms of propaganda. Here’s a list of the most common:
    1. Bandwagon
    2. Testimonial
    3. Plain Folks
    4. Transfer
    5. Fear
    6. Logical Fallacies
    7. Glittering Generalities
    8. Name Calling

    For more information, visit:

    Depending on how well the target audience receives the propaganda will determine the effectiveness of this particular marketing and advertising strategy.
    Psychologically speaking, the less a person knows about a matter, the more likely they will become a target. No one knows everything about everything, right?
    For example, if your neighbor is an Apple sales representative who says Apple products has the best computer technology in the industry in comparison to other well-known computer brands such as Dell or HP, and you automatically, without a question, accepted this statement as a fact, you may have just become a target for propaganda. By paying close attention to the steps your neighbor takes in order to persuade you into purchasing an Apple product will determine his motive. True salesmanship or advertising does not require propaganda. If a product, view, idea, or doctrine is as good or better than its opposition or competitor, it does not need propaganda, advertisement only.

    Unfortunately, Americans have become so reliant and seemingly needy for media to offer propaganda that is hard to imagine our society without it. Media enjoys selling it and certain audiences embrace it, either from a lack of knowledge as to what deems to be true propaganda or pure advertisement. Either way, propaganda is and will forever be our little secret

    Next Week’s Topic: How does America’s history cultivate its future, or does it?


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