In a country whose media pays much attention to covering stories about the personal lives of entertainers such as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others, we wanted to take a moment to ask the question, SHOULD ENTERTAINERS BE ALLOWED TO HOLD A POLITICAL OFFICE?


Since America is a democratic republic nation, it would seem unfair to not allow entertainers the right to hold political offices as mayor, governor, or president. Let’s face it, it is much easier to get public recognition and support as a celebrity than as an average Jack or Jill American citizen. Nobody wants a nobody, right? However, how trustworthy are these entertainers?  After all, if they are well known for their abilities to PERFORM, how creditable are they for being the NEXT BIG THING?


What do Americans really want?

What do Americans really expect from our leaders?  

What laws or policies should be put into place in order to MAKE AMERICA’S LEADERS GREAT AGAIN? 

Let’s S.I.P!







It was a day like any other day, Oma had dropped Tristan and Maya off at her mother’s house, which was not far from her house located near her place of work in the downtown business district. On the way to work she decided to stop by a local cafe and grab a cup of coffee or maybe even a smoothie.

While listening to her favorite morning talk show on the radio she heard, what appeared to be the sound of a dog howling. As she pulled into the cafe parking lot, she noticed the howling began to get louder and louder. Not knowing where the sound was coming from, she parked her SUV in the nearest parking space facing the cafe, and began searching the surroundings for this dog.   She cautiously opened the vehicle door and stepped down onto the ground and at once, the howling was no more. Baffled and uneased she walked into the cafe, placed her order and headed for work.

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Language: The Great Wall of Confusion


Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.
– Oliver Wendell Holmeslanguage

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, THAT goes to his head.   If you talk to him in his language, THAT goes to his heart.        

– Nelson Mandela

Have you ever wondered how there came to be so many languages in the world? According to research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in 2005’s ethnology report there are approximately 6, 900 living world languages. This research showed an  increase of approximately 200 living world languages within a 9 years time frame.

So why so many?

Well, there are many theories, mythologies, or opinions on how these languages came to be and why they are important. But again, why so many?

As linguist, psychologist, historians, and other professionals have attempted to explain the development and evolution of language, many are still left once more asking the question, why so many?

What purpose does language serve?

What are its forms and functions?

Which languages seem more attuned with mother nature? For what reason(s) is that so?


And is it possible to achieve a greater sense of world community if we all spoke the SAME language?

Would there be less confusion or more advancement in matters of politics, economics, or socialism if we all spoke the same language?

According to an article published in Scientific American, your language may affect your wealth and health? Hmm, interesting?

So everyone without further ado, let’s S.I.P!