It was a day like any other day, Oma had dropped Tristan and Maya off at her mother’s house, which was not far from her house located near her place of work in the downtown business district. On the way to work she decided to stop by a local cafe and grab a cup of coffee or maybe even a smoothie.

While listening to her favorite morning talk show on the radio she heard, what appeared to be the sound of a dog howling. As she pulled into the cafe parking lot, she noticed the howling began to get louder and louder. Not knowing where the sound was coming from, she parked her SUV in the nearest parking space facing the cafe, and began searching the surroundings for this dog.   She cautiously opened the vehicle door and stepped down onto the ground and at once, the howling was no more. Baffled and uneased she walked into the cafe, placed her order and headed for work.

Once she arrived to her job’s parking area, she turned to grab her belongings and realized that Tristan had left his science notebook lying on the passenger floorboard. She picked up her compact sized lunch bag, purse, and briefcase when out of the blue, without any logical explanation, Oma perceived that something was wrong. She needed to head back to the house. Without hesitation, she restarted the engine, headed back home to find that their family dog, Tachi was slouched down in the middle of her front lawn with a bloody leg and mouth. Her neighbor, Ms. Betty quickly ran to her and expressed her sincere apology that she accidently hit Tachi while backing out her garage not more than a minute or two a earlier.



Many of us experience these type of phenomena or scenarios from time to time, but what are they? What does it mean?

Is it dèjá vu?

Or some greater transcendental moment? 



What is this? 

Have scientist properly identified, researched, and catergorized incidents such as these?

As you ponder these questions and reflect on times in which you or someone close to you have experienced similar moments, delve into this topic with a open mind and an open heart for all of us to do what we are here to do, S.I.P.

Pour it Up and let’s ……Sip, no stir !  




4 thoughts on “FEMALE INTUITION”

  1. Yes !!!!!!!!
    I agree that women and intuition do exist but do not get it misconstrued with instinct.For example a mother can get a Feeling that something has happened to her child thousands of miles away. Without even speaking to her child in months. Studies have been proven that women Harbor this  trait. Men also Harbor this trait but men are not as in touch with their feelings as they should be and that is what Society has been pushing into men. Think about this in the bible in the book of Genesis; chapter 2 verse 21-25.Man was created first but God took a rib from man to create woman,so now this is bone of my bone and Flesh of My Flesh . Now women are more in tune with their intuition for the reason of their able to give life. They’re able to Express their feelings more frequently because it’s more acceptable for a woman to be warm and caring and nurturing but some women confuse intuition with instinct. Now instinct it’s something that you are aware of like for example you going to a store you have a strange feeling something’s going to happen just by subconsciously you started observing your surroundings that’s not intuition that instinct. Now intuition like I said before a mother can sense when something is wrong with her child,her husband, or a family member if she has a spiritual connection with God almighty. Because anyway you slice it that is a gift from God, that he had put in all of us,the only difference is man uses more of his instinct then his intuition. Now when man stop living in the natural and become more in the spiritual. He will also be able to tap into his intuition and be more confident and believing in his intuition. That sudden sensation he gets in the pit of his stomach the little hairs that come up on the back of his neck that thought that pops up in his head and he doesn’t know why.When a man becomes more spiritual he becomes more powerful .  EVERYONE  BE BLESSED . S.I.P KNOWLEDGE EMBRACE THE MOVEMENT !!!!
      FUN FACT.
    Theories suggest that women have an enhanced ability at reading facial expressions and emotions; we are much more likely to pick up on subtle emotional messages and read things like tone of voice and body language much better than men.
    However, men are much better at controlling felt emotions and hiding emotional states than women (surprise, surprise).

    During historical times, when women were “seen and not heard,” they developed a keen sense of observation, becoming more attuned to their own feelings and nonverbal cues.

    They also suggested that it’s a product of evolutionary effects, where the women who had better ability to understand the needs of their children and potential spouses outproduced the women with the weaker senses.


  2. A female intuition senses everything. Whether someone’s lying, their partner is cheating, when something is wrong, when something bad is going to happen, when someone is being fake or when someone they love is in trouble or hurting is all part of a woman’s intuition. Is it really intuition or a source of a unknown ability that only a female can tap in to. Could it be a myth or reality? According to Myers, D.G. (2002). “Intuition: It’s powers and perils”. New Haven: Yale University Press “women possess other feelings of discernment and what they are thinking”. Women are as a group, is better at reading facial expressions of emotions than are men. As a result woman are more prone to pick up on subtle emotional messages being sent by others. Not only does a woman uses emotional feelings as part of being intuitive but they also have the ability to use their voice and body language also.
    Women are more empathic to other people’s feelings, and instinctively senses things better. Put these two together and they make for a very powerful intuition. This isn’t to say that men don’t possess the same intuition; some do. A mother knows that if the kids are quiet, they’re up to something, while dad won’t notice anything until the screaming starts but he’ll be most grateful they’re just quiet.
    In closing “A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support intuition” Gilbert K. Chesterton


  3. This is a subject one could pontificate about ad infinitium. The foundational idea has branches stretching into everything from relationships to how most religions have conceived of and treated the female of the species. Frankly, and without going too far and being excessively controversial, it is my current feeling that there has been a deliberate and concerted effort to suppress womankind since pretty much day one, and only the advancement of secular knowledge and non-mainstream spiritual disciplines has served to liberate and truly recognize/properly extol the virtues of womanhood.

    Not only is this topic extremely interesting, but I also reckon it to be highly consequential in today’s world; this is because one can plainly look around and see that this is, in fact, a man’s world. This, of course, is not to say that it SHOULD be a man’s world. Quite the contrary; the world is so screwed up specifically BECAUSE it is modeled after malignantly masculine proclivities, with the feminine aspects of reality, to speak, having been ignored. I reckon that only a proper integration of masculine/feminine approaches to life and love will bring about the smarter, kinder world which I think most of us would prefer to live in.

    This brings us to female intuition. Sort of. Although I have read a great deal about RELATED topics, I haven’t gotten around to delving into much academic or even frivolous material dealing with female intuition specifically. The result of my studies, listening to many lectures and watching various documentaries, has instead left me with…certain impressions, I guess you might say. I have certain theories, questions, and perhaps even intuitions of my own. I would like nothing more than to be the lone guy in a cirlce of women, or one on one, in a totally unmuted and uncesored forum, in order to dive deep into issues. Facing the unadulterated truth about the things which both differentiate/define, and those things which make males and females very much the same is, in my opinion, absolutely CRITICAL to humankind as a whole advancing out of its current infantile stages and moving on into advanced maturity. Or at least bloody adolesence. 🙂

    So, the best way for me to describe my position on this issue is by reference to a metaphor/thought experiment I’ve concocted, one which features cars and genderless energetic souls.

    Imagine the following: imagine a soul hovering over the Earth. It is energy. No body. Therefore, by definintion, it is neither male nor female. It may have a masculine or feminine style CONSCIOUSNESS, but that is NOT the same as BEING male or female, which stipulates a certain physicality -having certain reproductive organs etc.

    Now, down below on the planet there await two bodies; one male, one female. They are currently little more than barely conscious husks operating mechanically, instinctually; they are not ensouled. They are essentially on autopilot; no purpose, and very little meaningful feelings. There are also two or three different cars waiting near them.

    The soul hovering above the earth decides to descend and take possession of the male body. Upon doing so, the light of true consciousness enters the male figure’s eyes. It becomes truly aware of self and other. The merger of mind, body and soul is complete. Now, upon waking up in this male body, the soul will quickly determine that this male human form has certain features built into it. On the one hand, it has numerous similarities to its female counterpart in terms of number of limbs and other anatomy, but also many dramatic differences as well. Too (and here’s the really important part of my thesis) the male has very specific…powers, shall we say, specific abilities and proclivities. It is naturally predisposed to responding to problems in a certain way, although this behavior can be altered to a greater or lesser exent depending on environment. But if no counterveiling forces are extant, it may perceive the world in a very linear fashion more often than not, operating in a very ABC, 123 logic pattern, developing architecture, mathematics, science, and so on. And not merely that, but he will USE those things in a very certain way, to specific ends. Note that I’m being very general and one-dimensional on purpose. To truly explore this idea in detail would take me a wall of text which you probably wouldn’t be inclined to read. Much more fun to deeply engage these sorts of topics face to face. 🙂

    Moving on. Lets say the soul exits the male body and enters the female. Suddenly the soul’s perspective changes. The female’s hormonal cycles and different brain chemistry results in seeing many of the same problems in different ways, and also compels the female to RESPOND to said problems in different ways. Again, this is only on average. But the soul would, I think, be hard pressed to argue that the two different genders, although of the same species, and although similar in many ways, operate according to fundamentally different modalities, more or less extremely so depending on the issue and situation in question. The stark reality the soul would discover is that males ARE physically stronger than females on average. The stark reality is that ONLY females can bear children. Neither of these or other gender-specific realities diminishes either gender. They merely represent powers specific to each gender; when used holistically, when understood fully, and when each is properly acknowledged and supported, male and female would obviously make a great team, two sides of the same coin. The female for inspiration, representing chaos (in a positive way), mystery, nuturing, incubating life, and the male taking the abstract and fantastical and making it reality, representing order. Again, this is only on average, and only an elementary look at masculine/feminine powers and ways of being.

    And indeed, one “power” which the soul might notice the female has more access to is the intuition. The reasons WHY this might be so (evolutionary, etc) could be debated.

    However, I would like to issue one point of confusion, or perhaps casting a little doubt on the question of female intuition. The question is very simple: if females have such good intuition, then why does it seem like they make such colossally bad decisions, specifically with regards to relationships? Does their “intuition” not give them that Spidey-sense that some guy is actually bad news, perhaps good for a one night stand, but not good husband material? Or is it merely that their intuition DOES tell them not to get involved with certain individuals, but their emotion (or sheer physical lust) overrides their logic? This is something I know many males are extremely confused and frustrated by: namley, females apparent lack of ability to control themselves or be “reasonable” -the classic story of the “crazy” girl. Meanwhile, one benefit or “power” of men is that they do have better control. See problem, sovle problem. Done. Moving on.

    Here I should bring up the issue of cars, again to better illustrate the point that I’m only generalizing and trying to have an honest discussion about this issue. If our energy-being/soul takes either the male or the female body and jumps into car A, say a BMW, it will learn what the speed limit of that car is, how it handles, and so on. Car B, say a Porche, will handle differently, have different features, and so on. Is one car better or worse than the other? Not necessarily. Each merely has different features, which the driver must learn in order to operate the vehicle to its full potential, optimally.

    I submit that this is so with males and females. The driver (aka soul) must learn which powers/features are inherent to the model of human it inhabits in order to drive (live) optimally. The problem seems to be that, unlike a shiny new car, there are few operating manuals for human beings, and even fewer useful guides for how to manage and properly apply the powers commonly shared by and/or unique to the two genders into which it is divided.

    Also note that the male/female driving any particular car is NOT the car itself. It merely experiences the car, its features, for a temporary time period. Perhaps this is just so with humans. Perhaps our vehicles of man/woman or black and white are only temporarily experienced. Whether or not this is true, I think that this perspective is useful in loosening our emotinal attachment, enabling us to to get a better and more honest grip on who and what we are, and what abilities, intuitive or otherwise, which we may or may not possess.

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