Philosophy: Is it necessary? (Part I)

Today, intelligence is neither recognized nor rewarded, but is being systematically extinguised in a growing flood of brazenly flaunted irrationality.         -Ayn Ran

Philosophy is the school of thought.

Philosophy is the school of thought. It is an academic discipline that exercises reason and logic in an attempt to understand reality. Philosophy attempts to answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality, and human nature. Unlike the special sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, or sociology, philosophy deals with aspects of the universe.

Philosophy is a critical and comprehensive process of thought.

Philosophy is a critical and comprehensive process of thought.

That process involves resolving confusion, unmasking assumptions, revealing presuppositions, and distinguishing importance, testing positions, correcting distortions, looking for reasoning, examining world views, and questioning conceptual frameworks.  By all means, it is not simply a theory about human life and its curiosities, nor does it  consist of unexplainable beliefs, dreams, or wishes.

Philosophy demands patience.

Philosophy demands patience. For those who enjoy the philosophical method of thought find it challenging to relate to individuals who rarely question or ponder about things beyond their immediate realm of knowledge and understanding.Because learning is a life long process, the quest for more knowledge, truth, or wisdom is neverending. As it stands, abstract thinking, is not only unappealing but meaningless to some . Therefore the relationship of one system or idea does not relate to another and if so, it is not necessary require our minds to connect such ideas or systems in terms of relativity. Analytical thinking demands our patience and many of us refuse to invest the time. But…..

Do we need more abstract thinkers?


Would our children benefit from teaching methods that require philosophical thought?

Are deep thinkers useless in a concrete and rapidly growing technological world?

Could philosophical teaching help with the following list of social issues?

1. obesity

2.cleanwater scarcity

3. mass incarcerations

4. wage inequalities

5. gang and drug-related violence

Let’s S.I.P!♥

Note: This topic is presented as the first part of a three post series.


2 thoughts on “Philosophy: Is it necessary? (Part I)”

  1. Yes I believe we need  more abstract thinkers, it would raise the bar for more intellectual growth in our society as a whole. I believe our children will benefit from this a great deal. It would teach them to think outside the box. Also have them think more than one dimensional or two dimensional. It will make our youth Elevate their minds to evolve into the three and four dimensional thinking. Now I do not think deep thinkers are useless in a rapidly evolving world. Deep thinkers I believe make the world, if it wasn’t for great thinkers.We will not have some of the things that we have today The Constitution, democracy, also great philosophers like Aristotle, and Socrates. Everything that we have today, we owe all too great thinkers. THINKERS that went outside the the norm and the determination to reach for the sky. Here are a few things that contribute to philosophy . 1. Fascinating subject matter
    2. Wide variety of interesting classes taught by outstanding professors
    3. Skill development
    4. Great preparation for any career or graduate study
    5. Personal development
    Study from Ivy league Universities have done extensive  studies to support these findings.

    More to come stay tuned!! S.I.P embrace the movement.

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  2. Philosophy in this day and time is definitely needed,it encourages the thinker to go above and beyond to find that intellectual spirit god has granted us. He has instilled this spirit in us to grow and improve as a nation. It encourages one to not just accept but to push boundaries until understanding in the attempt to grow. “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out”- Proverbs 18:15


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