Philosophy: Is it Necessary? (Part III)

It’s not what you say my dear, but what you can prove that truly matters. Everything else is mere trivia.    And not everything is as it seems to be.                                           -Nakisha S. Tarrant


Every person on the face of the earth has a philosophy. Whether we have clarity in defining that philosophy or not, we all have it as it pertains to the 5 philosophical branches featured above.

Without philosophical clarity our focus becomes unclear. Our purpose of existence is questionable and therefore life becomes meaningless. If we feel that life is meaningless, we fall into the dangers of all sorts of non-constructive, depressive thought and behavior. We must understand that life is more than just a mere coincidence, more than just some random state of being or coincidence.

For many of us, life is unjoyous, unfulfilling, and ill-fated. Fortunately we have options. We have the power to change our course.

So, let’s challenge ourselves to become more philosophical in our thinking. We may find out there’s so much to more to life than existing. Our existence is connected to the universe which is filled with a plethora of undiscovered creations and complexities. Don’t just sit there, seek your knowledge, purpose, and passion.

Take the world by its reins and put your KNOWLEDGE and BELIEFS to the TEST.

Without assumptions or judgement, ask others about their beliefs, values, and morals . This is a great way to define and refine your own personal philosophy.

Look introspectively, find yourself and be adventurous about defining your very own philosophy in the 5 philosophical branches featured above.

Enjoy life and S.I.P!

Note: This blog post is the third post of a three post series.



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