The Perils of American Girlhood (Part I)

“Childhood is the most beauiful of all life’s seasons.”


Growing up  is tough! For girls, in particularly minorities, this old adage is true. The  predisposed jeopardy within our communities has debilitated childhood innocence. Gone are the days were children could look to their parents as a life models. We have sacrificed much needed quality time and attention for materials and possessions.

We have meshed the boys and girls into a generalized classification of childhood, not realizing that the two are similar yet are different. They learn differently. In comparison to their counter parts, our girls require different administration of  educational skills and knowledge if they are expected to become strong, resilient, and adaptable women. These contrasting needs are evident from birth to grade school and  into adulthood yet we continue to provide generalized education.

According the US Census, females outnumber men. If this is true, we must acknowledge, address, and understand the detriment placed on our young girls when those contrasting needs are not meet.

We need our girls and our girls need us.

We must give them every opportunity to discover their talent, skills, and abilities as girls before hurling them into the challenges prominent in womanhood.

What distinctive needs do our young girls lack?

How can we better meet those needs?

Where do we start?

Who is most responsible for ensuring those needs are met?

Let’s S.I.P

Note: This is the first part of a three part blog series.




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