The Perils of American Girlhood (Part III)

This week’s topic addresses the challenges our girls are facing in our nation. While the public attempts to push for equal rights and opportunities for all, the nation continues to undervalue the rights of our children. Yes, children have rights too! Our young girls should be educated as to what these rights are.

But most importantly, who should be responsible with that tasks. The answer is quite simple, EVERYONE!


Children learn best when taught best. As for our girls, they learn best from exemplary role models within their home environment. So it is the family structure which carries this significant task of ensuring our girls are supported during this delicate moment of life. WE see now more than ever the need for our girls to become fully aware of these challenges. Every day some little girl’s life is being destroyed. Everyday there is someone tearing down their beloved spirits, either verbally or nonverbal abuse. It is time NOW we take a good hard look at what we, AMERICANS, are doing to our youth ,in particularly our young girls.


We understand challenges can be overcome but we must first identify what they are. We must look closely as to how we can better prepare our girls for survival. Yes, survival. They must learn to survive and thrive.

I hope that you have already become of aware of these challenges by either (1.) Reflections (Part I) and (2.) Research (Part II), as a part of this series.


Here below are just some of the challenges our girls are facing:

Physical Challenges:

  1. Premature Development
  2. Declining Health

Intellectual Challenges:

  1. Gender Biases in Academics (Math & Science)
  2. Intellectual Disabilities

Socioemotional Challenges:

  1. Peer Pressure & Bullying
  2. Declining Family Stability

Although these challenges are NOT subject to only girls, we believe to teach a girl is to teach a generation. Due to the fact, it is the girls who grow to be women and these women are the beginning point for all education. Education of life, love, and liberty so let’s begin teaching our girls the value of self, the value of dignity, and the value of education beyond the classroom.

Let’s lead by example, not just by word. Let’s be the light they see in this dark, dark, world.

Let’s S.I.P!


Note: This is the third post as a part of a three- part series.




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