Opposite -Sex Friendships


Day to day we interact with each other, at work, in school, or community social engagements. It’s not uncommon to see women and men interacting with one another even as strangers. Single women know all too well what its like to struggle keeping chores such as house repairs, car maintenance, or little Timmy’s high batting score. So when the opportunity presents itself for someone of the opposite sex to assist in these areas, the friendship can be surely be appreciated.

But should these strictly platonic relationships ever be looked at as more?

Maybe the two of you are single?  CONVENIETLY! 

Two attractive single people of the opposite-sex, what could possibly go wrong?

Some say it’s absolutely not possible for a man and woman to have  non-romantic friendship?

What do YOU say?

Are women and men being unrealistic by saying “were JUST friends”?

Ok, you guys, you know the drill…. Let’s S.I.P!


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