Teen Driving

Do you remember your first day behind the wheel, the excitement, the freedom? Assuming you survived Driver’s Ed or your Uncle Ed’s old, rusty Oldsmobile, driving was life. As a teen, you were forced to follow not lead. You went where your parents or some “responsible” adult drove you. Sadly, you had no control over the situation. If Mom’s quick supermarket errand turned 30 minute shopping spree with a solid two hour TalkTime didn’t motivate you to drive, the lecture about chores did. Why unless you planned to foot it, you had no choice in the matter. Endurance was key to survival.  Either way, truth is we all wanted IT so…. bad. We would do anything and I do mean, ANYTHING, to get our irresponsible hands onto those precious keys of freedom. Something about hot, moving steel just revved us up.

But were we REALLY prepared for that work up?

Did all the lectures of safe driving truly prepare us for what lied ahead?


How much of that information did we ACTUALLY apply in times of crisis?


Many educators and psychologist believe the driving age for teens, in particularly, for males is much too low. They believe that the adolescent’s brain is NOT mature enough to handle all the responsibility that comes with driving. Not only must drivers be aware of how to operate a vehicle in perfect weather but also they must be well-informed of how to do so in UNPERFECT conditions. For some states, any remote sign of precipatation and  the entire state  becomes a DEAD ZONE.

So, what are parents to do?

Lil’ Suzy was promised a graducation gift and Lil’ Johnny wants Dad’s old Mustang.


If educators and other professional believe the driving age is much too low, then why aren’t government officials addressing the concern?

Should we (teen parents) speak up?

Do we be the VOICE of reason?

Or should we just stay silent and make the statistics a LIAR?

Happy teen with keys to car.
Happy teen holds up car keys and smiles

Let’s S.I.P!


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