Unchained Hands (Women’s Liberation)

If you have a voice and must speak, why do I stay silent?  Could it be that mine is louder?

-Nakisha Tarrant

Oftentimes, women have been forced to shut up and put up. We have been taught that it’s not ladylike to speak while others are talking, to sit and not be heard, to listen, to obey and even at times when others are silent, WOMEN must remain unheard. This week’s topic is intended to encourage and inspire men and women to question the logic behind such teachings?  Nothing more, nothing less.

To become more aware of the norm, we must become more aware of the strange. We must become aware of  the illogical, the underlying customs and traditions that have not only caged our voices but also destroyed our spirits.  Our ability to see past the smoke in order to  adequately nurture our unique-ness should not only provoke such curiosity but DEMAND equality in our homes and our professions.

So without further ado, Let’s S.I.P



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