Beauty, Brains, & Bankruptcy

beauty barbie

What makes us smile and sometimes cry is what makes us beautiful. Beauty is life.

-Nakisha Tarrant

When is enough EVER enough? Unfortunately for many, there’s no such thing as ENOUGH. Natural beauty has been forsaken in exchange for silicon breast and fat-injected lips, chiseled abs, and porcelain smiles. Beauty has become defined by  “artist” or better known as the QUEENS that have long lost touch with reality. No longer do  we succumb to inspiration  in nature’s unique qualities.  Beauty is no longer afforded the  opportunity of being seen reverently through the eyes of the beholder.

This psuedo-perception of PERFECT has turned women and  men into robots. Mannequins on display for all the world to behold. America’s $15 billion dollar obsession with beauty in a bottle or immortality offered on a hard, cold slab of metal, has resulted in a lose of authenticity . Is the investment worth the lost? Should our identities be such manufactions? What have we become?

man beautybotched

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve invested our souls into a STANDARD that can never be met based solely on the physical.

Beauty is not merely skin & bones, it is LIFE itself, and what quality of life does one truly have if ALL that MAKES us ALIVE is DEAD?





In a country whose media pays much attention to covering stories about the personal lives of entertainers such as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many others, we wanted to take a moment to ask the question, SHOULD ENTERTAINERS BE ALLOWED TO HOLD A POLITICAL OFFICE?


Since America is a democratic republic nation, it would seem unfair to not allow entertainers the right to hold political offices as mayor, governor, or president. Let’s face it, it is much easier to get public recognition and support as a celebrity than as an average Jack or Jill American citizen. Nobody wants a nobody, right? However, how trustworthy are these entertainers?  After all, if they are well known for their abilities to PERFORM, how creditable are they for being the NEXT BIG THING?


What do Americans really want?

What do Americans really expect from our leaders?  

What laws or policies should be put into place in order to MAKE AMERICA’S LEADERS GREAT AGAIN? 

Let’s S.I.P!