Art Therapy

Art is my cure to all this madness, sadness, and loss of belonging in the world & through it, I’ll walk myself home.           -Nikki Rowe

At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise form a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrty.                -Rachel Naomi Remen,MD

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Art is therapy, it is freedom at best. Nothing compares to the beauty or liberty we enjoy when given the opportunity to express ourselves. Everyone benefits from art, even when personally, they believe otherwise. We ourselves are art, so how is it that the United States Education system, or any country’s education departments for that matter, rest easy by stripping away those opportunities given to our children.

According to an article in the NY Times’ titled As Schools Trim Budgets, The Arts Lose Their Place, by Susan Chira, two-thirds of public elementary schools have no art or music teachers. These arts are vital in the development of the very skills employers say they want in order to offer lucrative job opportunites and teach sensitivity to other cultures. Yet we continue to see diminished numbers of such growth and stability in the art education departments. How can this be?

Yes, we know that parents are more than capable of purchasing art supplies from any corner Dollar General store or Walmart BUT, where should children be TAUGHT or EXPOSED to the fundamentals of art and its appreciation?

Has art lost its value? Or have we lost ours?


Let us S.I.P


5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Life

spring detox“How are you doing today?”

I’m doing well.  Feeling great, thanks for asking.

8 out of 10 people will give this response but how accurate is it?

     Having grown accustomed to simply responding rather than reflecting, we automatically reply with this teleprompt of positivity that doesn’t always agree with our current state or condition. No room is granted for any sort of judgement or misconceptions accounted as some sick desperate plea for attention or perhaps another pity party.  Why the mask?  Simply put, because no one really cares or is it due to the fact we lack the full understanding of what  HEALTH consists of.

       Being in good health pertains to not only your physicalities but also your intellectual, and socioemotional well being. We must be HONEST with ourselves about the things that weigh us down. Most importantly we should be proactive in obtaining the life we really desire. Certainly, we can’t live forever but we can live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives if we STOP ignoring the preventable signs of declining health [wellness].  Prior to signs and symptoms physically appearing, our mind and emotions give warning and alerts. If we slow down, look, listen, and  watch our bodies will point us in the right direction.  In observing ourselves in such a holistic manner, we improve our physicalities and likewise our intellectual and socioemotional well-being. For starters, you’ll need to clean house and get some structure.

 5 Simple Ways to DETOX your Life:


Whatever ignites you, drives you. If you feel strongly about a particular cause, project, or person chances are you will feel better once involved . That single spark may lead you on a path you never would have imagined or thought possible if you hadn’t consistently pursued its course. Passion drives purpose, gives hope, and motivates your focus.  Without it, you a ship without a sail.


There’s only 24 hours in a day and one of you so why waste precious time doing things that don’t stimulate your mind, body, and soul.  Use a calendar or day planner to organize your day. If it’s not on the agenda, put it off for another day or time until you accomplish those things that’s most important to you.  Spend more time with family, friends,  and associates who share common interest and goals as yourself.


The most detrimental condition upon your health is suppressed emotions, particularly negative ones. Everyone has experienced physical or emotional trauma to some level or degreee in their life. Depending on the level, we may need to disengage or disconnect with certain people or environments in order to gain clarity or peace from the situation. The devastation alone may carry over residuals of doubt, fear, guilt, or shame. We should allow ourselves the right to acknowledge those feelings then release them. By creating a positive channel of constructing that negativity, we will learn what we need in order to grow from it.

#4     GIVE

Sometimes the best way to detox is to simply give. Giving cleanses the heart of greed but also of responsibility. The more treasures you own, the more time, money, and attention you’ll need in order to keep it. It may be best to let some things go.


Our brains move faster than our bodies and some seniors will tell you, it’s also the first thing to go. Having said that, we make take time to disconnect from the technoligical world and reconnect with nature. Book a nature trip for a day or a simply sleep for an extra hour two on weekends without any disruptions.

Enjoy Life & S.I.P


Beauty, Brains, & Bankruptcy

beauty barbie

What makes us smile and sometimes cry is what makes us beautiful. Beauty is life.

-Nakisha Tarrant

When is enough EVER enough? Unfortunately for many, there’s no such thing as ENOUGH. Natural beauty has been forsaken in exchange for silicon breast and fat-injected lips, chiseled abs, and porcelain smiles. Beauty has become defined by  “artist” or better known as the QUEENS that have long lost touch with reality. No longer do  we succumb to inspiration  in nature’s unique qualities.  Beauty is no longer afforded the  opportunity of being seen reverently through the eyes of the beholder.

This psuedo-perception of PERFECT has turned women and  men into robots. Mannequins on display for all the world to behold. America’s $15 billion dollar obsession with beauty in a bottle or immortality offered on a hard, cold slab of metal, has resulted in a lose of authenticity . Is the investment worth the lost? Should our identities be such manufactions? What have we become?

man beautybotched

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve invested our souls into a STANDARD that can never be met based solely on the physical.

Beauty is not merely skin & bones, it is LIFE itself, and what quality of life does one truly have if ALL that MAKES us ALIVE is DEAD?




There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.

There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination they produce more hues than ever been seen.

There are not more than five cardinal tastes, yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted.

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Extinguishing Fear to Ignite Love


Our world is full of differences. Different tribes having different features, speaking different languages in different places, since the beginning of its creation the earth has boast of its diversity. With its many splendors of beauty and power, the world has evolved, but have we?  We change our hair, we change our locations, and even in marriage or other religious customs, we change our names. So how is it that we continually resist differences amongst our fellow earthlings, why do we resist change?  What we were accustomed to doing millions of years ago, may not be necessary today, yet we continue those customs. From infanthood to adulthood, we were taught who we ARE through the eyes of our parents, peers, and teachers. We were taught things about ourselves from others perspective, but how much did we experience and learn about others?How receptive are we of DIFFERENCES? We learned that girls are prettiest with straight blonde hair wearing pretty pink dresses on Easter Sunday prancing and playing with dull but daring young boys in blue slacks and white dress shirts. Our ideas and ideals were taught to us. We learned that our brave but uncivilized native American dwellers savagely danced their spirits free in the War on Independence to establish the Land of the Free except for African slaves.


We so violently painted brown and black soil with black and white blood. The earth received its return, the dirt we once were and ironically the dirt we’d become. We learned that hip hop is black and opera is white. Gay is a person, not happy or right. We learned to SUSPECT young boys but IGNORE black art. We learned to MAKE AMERICA GREAT again through immigration deports. But have we learned that what we FEAR in ourselves only tears us apart. No headscarf, robe, or banner, no religion, or non-religion is to blame. Rather it is our lack of proper education, our need to “keep it real” and our lack of enthusiasm that extinguishes our zeal. If we learn to embrace, encourage, and motivate our differences then and only then can we accommodate a world so different but reverently the same.

So we challenge you today to acknowledge what makes YOU different and what makes YOU great. Pass this challenge along, watch humanity extinguish fear and set love ablaze.

Yours truly,




Conscious Humanitarian Politics


Is is true? Can I love my country AND hate my government, all at the same time.

Well, literally speaking, NO!

Why? Because, a country is established by resources such as land, labor, and finances for the purpose of government.

However, many citizens of America feel that the catch phrase best suits their particular FEELINGS.

Personally speaking, have you drank the bitter waters of American politics all to be left abandoned in a dry and wearied land of dismay? Has the after taste been harder to swallow than the death of hope itself?

For those who serve our nation by land, air, or sea, they may FEEL the heaviness of such  a quote as listed above in the photo, but what difference would it make. They are bound by oath to fight the good fight in and out of season. They, above all others, are most prone to this disposition and for this reason, we are asking everyone to take a moment to reflect.

What are your true feelings regarding your country?

Why do you feel that way?  What knowledge (FACTS) support your feelings?

Is it better to be a lover or a fighter?

What options serve to the greater GOOD for all involved?

How can we remain PATRIOTS while abiding in a seemingly NATIONALISTIC government?

Where do we find balance?

Without further ado, let’s do what we came to do,

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let’s S.I.P!♥


The Perils of American Girlhood (Part III)

This week’s topic addresses the challenges our girls are facing in our nation. While the public attempts to push for equal rights and opportunities for all, the nation continues to undervalue the rights of our children. Yes, children have rights too! Our young girls should be educated as to what these rights are.

But most importantly, who should be responsible with that tasks. The answer is quite simple, EVERYONE!


Children learn best when taught best. As for our girls, they learn best from exemplary role models within their home environment. So it is the family structure which carries this significant task of ensuring our girls are supported during this delicate moment of life. WE see now more than ever the need for our girls to become fully aware of these challenges. Every day some little girl’s life is being destroyed. Everyday there is someone tearing down their beloved spirits, either verbally or nonverbal abuse. It is time NOW we take a good hard look at what we, AMERICANS, are doing to our youth ,in particularly our young girls.


We understand challenges can be overcome but we must first identify what they are. We must look closely as to how we can better prepare our girls for survival. Yes, survival. They must learn to survive and thrive.

I hope that you have already become of aware of these challenges by either (1.) Reflections (Part I) and (2.) Research (Part II), as a part of this series.


Here below are just some of the challenges our girls are facing:

Physical Challenges:

  1. Premature Development
  2. Declining Health

Intellectual Challenges:

  1. Gender Biases in Academics (Math & Science)
  2. Intellectual Disabilities

Socioemotional Challenges:

  1. Peer Pressure & Bullying
  2. Declining Family Stability

Although these challenges are NOT subject to only girls, we believe to teach a girl is to teach a generation. Due to the fact, it is the girls who grow to be women and these women are the beginning point for all education. Education of life, love, and liberty so let’s begin teaching our girls the value of self, the value of dignity, and the value of education beyond the classroom.

Let’s lead by example, not just by word. Let’s be the light they see in this dark, dark, world.

Let’s S.I.P!


Note: This is the third post as a part of a three- part series.



The Perils of American Girlhood (Part II)


What is girlhood?  According to Oxford, girlhood is the state or time of being a girl. This definition is by far, the simpliest, most indistinct explaination of the term. We’re sure those you who have been blessed with the opportunity of girlhood personally, would find the Oxford’s definition quite vague and unappealing.

But what if we were to reevaluate or redefine this term based on past experience and observations, how then would you describe girlhood?  Would you associate it with the most joyful, liveliest moments in a young girl’s life? Or maybe, the darkest, most vunerable, or confusing time of life?

If seen through the eye of a young girl, the entire defintion would be more much definitive and thereby much more engaging than that described by Oxford Dictionary. So before going any further into this topic, we ask that you to take time this week  to create your own definition of girlhood. Of course, you guys, “MEN” may think it’s not important for you to participant, however it is contrary to the fact that girlhood is not exclusive to women. Fathers, uncles, male cousins, and grandfathers, all play major roles in the lives of a young girl. Therefore your participation and specific point of view would be much valued and highly appreciated.

Once read in its entirety, please scroll cursor up to the left-hand side of the blog topic (The Perils of American Girlhood, Part II)  and click on the  leave a comment section to participate in the our discussion.


And without further ado, let’s S.I.P!

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