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{DISCUSSION} English Education –


Teen Driving

Do you remember your first day behind the wheel, the excitement, the freedom? Assuming you survived Driver’s Ed or your Uncle Ed’s old, rusty Oldsmobile, driving was life. As a teen, you were forced to follow not lead. You went where your parents or some “responsible” adult drove you. Sadly, you had no control over the situation. If Mom’s quick supermarket errand turned 30 minute shopping spree with a solid two hour TalkTime didn’t motivate you to drive, the lecture about chores did. Why unless you planned to foot it, you had no choice in the matter. Endurance was key to survival.  Either way, truth is we all wanted IT so…. bad. We would do anything and I do mean, ANYTHING, to get our irresponsible hands onto those precious keys of freedom. Something about hot, moving steel just revved us up.

But were we REALLY prepared for that work up?

Did all the lectures of safe driving truly prepare us for what lied ahead?


How much of that information did we ACTUALLY apply in times of crisis?


Many educators and psychologist believe the driving age for teens, in particularly, for males is much too low. They believe that the adolescent’s brain is NOT mature enough to handle all the responsibility that comes with driving. Not only must drivers be aware of how to operate a vehicle in perfect weather but also they must be well-informed of how to do so in UNPERFECT conditions. For some states, any remote sign of precipatation and  the entire state  becomes a DEAD ZONE.

So, what are parents to do?

Lil’ Suzy was promised a graducation gift and Lil’ Johnny wants Dad’s old Mustang.


If educators and other professional believe the driving age is much too low, then why aren’t government officials addressing the concern?

Should we (teen parents) speak up?

Do we be the VOICE of reason?

Or should we just stay silent and make the statistics a LIAR?

Happy teen with keys to car.
Happy teen holds up car keys and smiles

Let’s S.I.P!

Opposite -Sex Friendships


Day to day we interact with each other, at work, in school, or community social engagements. It’s not uncommon to see women and men interacting with one another even as strangers. Single women know all too well what its like to struggle keeping chores such as house repairs, car maintenance, or little Timmy’s high batting score. So when the opportunity presents itself for someone of the opposite sex to assist in these areas, the friendship can be surely be appreciated.

But should these strictly platonic relationships ever be looked at as more?

Maybe the two of you are single?  CONVENIETLY! 

Two attractive single people of the opposite-sex, what could possibly go wrong?

Some say it’s absolutely not possible for a man and woman to have  non-romantic friendship?

What do YOU say?

Are women and men being unrealistic by saying “were JUST friends”?

Ok, you guys, you know the drill…. Let’s S.I.P!

Conscious Humanitarian Politics


Is is true? Can I love my country AND hate my government, all at the same time.

Well, literally speaking, NO!

Why? Because, a country is established by resources such as land, labor, and finances for the purpose of government.

However, many citizens of America feel that the catch phrase best suits their particular FEELINGS.

Personally speaking, have you drank the bitter waters of American politics all to be left abandoned in a dry and wearied land of dismay? Has the after taste been harder to swallow than the death of hope itself?

For those who serve our nation by land, air, or sea, they may FEEL the heaviness of such  a quote as listed above in the photo, but what difference would it make. They are bound by oath to fight the good fight in and out of season. They, above all others, are most prone to this disposition and for this reason, we are asking everyone to take a moment to reflect.

What are your true feelings regarding your country?

Why do you feel that way?  What knowledge (FACTS) support your feelings?

Is it better to be a lover or a fighter?

What options serve to the greater GOOD for all involved?

How can we remain PATRIOTS while abiding in a seemingly NATIONALISTIC government?

Where do we find balance?

Without further ado, let’s do what we came to do,

tea 1


let’s S.I.P!♥


The Perils of American Girlhood (Part III)

This week’s topic addresses the challenges our girls are facing in our nation. While the public attempts to push for equal rights and opportunities for all, the nation continues to undervalue the rights of our children. Yes, children have rights too! Our young girls should be educated as to what these rights are.

But most importantly, who should be responsible with that tasks. The answer is quite simple, EVERYONE!


Children learn best when taught best. As for our girls, they learn best from exemplary role models within their home environment. So it is the family structure which carries this significant task of ensuring our girls are supported during this delicate moment of life. WE see now more than ever the need for our girls to become fully aware of these challenges. Every day some little girl’s life is being destroyed. Everyday there is someone tearing down their beloved spirits, either verbally or nonverbal abuse. It is time NOW we take a good hard look at what we, AMERICANS, are doing to our youth ,in particularly our young girls.


We understand challenges can be overcome but we must first identify what they are. We must look closely as to how we can better prepare our girls for survival. Yes, survival. They must learn to survive and thrive.

I hope that you have already become of aware of these challenges by either (1.) Reflections (Part I) and (2.) Research (Part II), as a part of this series.


Here below are just some of the challenges our girls are facing:

Physical Challenges:

  1. Premature Development
  2. Declining Health

Intellectual Challenges:

  1. Gender Biases in Academics (Math & Science)
  2. Intellectual Disabilities

Socioemotional Challenges:

  1. Peer Pressure & Bullying
  2. Declining Family Stability

Although these challenges are NOT subject to only girls, we believe to teach a girl is to teach a generation. Due to the fact, it is the girls who grow to be women and these women are the beginning point for all education. Education of life, love, and liberty so let’s begin teaching our girls the value of self, the value of dignity, and the value of education beyond the classroom.

Let’s lead by example, not just by word. Let’s be the light they see in this dark, dark, world.

Let’s S.I.P!


Note: This is the third post as a part of a three- part series.